Communities in Bloom Evaluation

In mid-July of this year, Diane Clasen and Gerry Teahen of the National Communities in Bloom evaluation team visited Jasper. Last year Jasper won top honours (5 Blooms) in the provincial competition and qualified to enter nationally. This year we won 4 Blooms, with a score of 79.3%.

With permission of the local C-in-B coordinator, Gerry Lettner, we’re posting the entire evaluation (click here). It’s an interesting read.

The C-in-B committee had some great things to say about Jasper as a whole. They noticed that some businesses really participate in beautification, and they commended us for natural plant landscaping and dedication to environmental stewardship. They liked the projects initiated by the JLFS, including the spin-off community gardens in town and at the Jasper Park Lodge.

According to C-in-B there are a few areas that Jasper as a town can improve – our commitment to heritage plants, and the Museum, could be better profiled. They didn’t recognize how much the town runs on volunteers, so we can profile that better next year. However, the JLFS would disagree with the C-in-B evaluators’ suggestion that the Municipality provide incentive for more floral displays by endorsing the C-in-B/Scott’s Miracle Gro contest. Instead of promoting a company whose products could be argued to damage the land (even the so-called ‘organic’ one), and do not fit within the ethos of permaculture and 100-mile-radius product sourcing, why not have a contest for the tastiest, most productive Edible Landscape?!

Congratulations to the local C-in-B committee and thanks for all the hard work. Well done to rank so highly in our first national entry! We love having the Communities in Bloom committee members here; it’s wonderful having their insights. But we think they could learn a bit from Jasperites about environmental stewardship too!

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