Name that Plant

We made the front page of the Fitzhugh this week. Gardening, it seems, is busting out all over.

That’s certainly true in our little community garden behind the library. The garden beds are showing lots of vigorous life. Considering the unseasonable cold weather we had for the beginning of June, you might call it a bit of a miracle that the seeds germinated at all. Yet there they are!

It is always an exciting time as the little shoots push up through the soil and unfurl their leaves. But it can be a time of puzzlement too, as gardeners peer at those little leaves, scratch their heads and wonder “hmmm… what was it I planted in that row, again?”

Time to play “Name that Plant”! The rules are simple. Look at the six photos included here and use the “Your Comment” window below the slideshow to say what you think the plant is. Common English or French names are fine; extra kudos will be earned for botanical names, or for tips about growing that particular plant in our Rocky Mountain climate. When you add your comments, be sure to identify the photo by it’s special number, so we don’t have any confusion as to which mystery leaves you’re talking about.  [ie: write “Photo 4 is ….”]

To add more mystery to your life, we’ll leave you with a teaser: A Farmer’s Market is coming! Food Growers, Artists and more will be needed. Watch this space for more info, coming soon.

Happy Growing,

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5 thoughts on “Name that Plant

  1. Thanks Alisen, and thanks to all the many folks who’ve volunteered to make the gardens a reality. We are all having such fun!

  2. Photo 1 is chives – Allium schoenoprasum (according to wikipedia). I think Lizz is right about Photos 2 and 4. That’s about the extent of my garden knowledge after 2 years of experimenting.

    Great to see everything coming together and the gardening bug catching right across the community. What a fantastic project! Thanks to all the organizers for the hard work. Can’t wait for the farmer’s market.

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