The Gardens are a REALITY

It has been a busy week. Three work bees later, we have soil in the raised beds, a fence up to keep the elk at bay, and a nifty, nostalgic garden gate. A blue rain barrel decorates one corner, right next to the watering cans. Seeds and seedlings are in the ground! People have planted basil, beets, broccoli, carrots, chives, kale, lavender, lettuces, oregano, marigolds, mint, onions, pansies, parsley, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, swiss chard, and lots more. The community garden is a reality.

Planting is Proceeding

Time to give credit where credit is due.

Let’s start with the Jasper Municipality. Town Council and the municipal staff have been incredibly supportive. George Krefting in particular has been a hero, helping us get a site that was accessible, central, with water access and good sun exposure. The Municipality also helped with organising soil and tools, wire and posts for the fence. The Library board was also very supportive, allowing us to use their backyard for the gardens, and allowing us to fit all the raised beds that were needed for this year into one site. While the current location is temporary, being in the area that will become part of the renovated town library, it gives us a place to work out the details and logistics for a more sustainable Community Garden. We love being so close to the Library and the school! Jasper Home Hardware’s Home Building Centre donated enough timber to build 19 of the 23 raised garden beds (we purchased the rest), and their Garden Centre brought in seedlings which Community Garden members were able to purchase at a discount. Servus Credit Union offered to donate the funds needed to cover costs of some tools (like the watering cans). Jasper town has been great, just great.

Then there have been the local gardening aficionados. You know who you are. You’re the folks who scrounged at the transfer station for timber, and took washing machines apart to turn tubs into rain barrels; who cut and screwed together the timber to make the bedding frames. You’re the ones who pulled wire, dug post holes, held the level or hunted up rocks for stabilizing the gate posts. You’re the ones who’ve begun sharing your knowledge of growing in cold climates, or brought your children along to give us smiles and inspiration. Some of you took leadership (and heat, when things looked a bit controversial) others came out to the work bees just to help, without even being on the list for a garden plot! You folks, you’re the Community Garden’s community.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Dirt Busters!

So here’s a big shout out to George, Brock, Tracy, Ursula, Terry, Marni, Di, Heather, Darin, Sophie, JoAnn, Jeanine, Debbie, Andrea, Zaybee, Linda, Monica, Val, Tyler, Roger, Brian, Jamie, Karen, Brett, Barb, Tyler, Mana, Linea, Cam, Heidi, Martin, Joan, Del, Dylan, Richard, Brenda, Rico, Mike, Brian, Janet and so many more.

My, how our community is growing!

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