Many Hands (and Tools) Make Light Work

“It’s starting to look like a garden!” One member of the Jasper Local Food Society was literally jumping for joy last Friday night.

For a while, the backyard of the Jasper Library looked like a construction site.

Men and women with power tools were building frames out of two-by-fours. Others with spades, shovels and sod-cutters were clearing grass and levelling plots. Wheelbarrows full of sod were being trundled, and the sod was being loaded for transport to the composter. Kids were running around, sort of helping.

A work bee, as it turns out, is fun! It was cold and windy, but people came together, and we laughed as we built frames, dug, or struggled with sod, clayey soil and deep-drilling dandelion roots. By 9 p.m. on Friday night we had laid out 19 plots. The next day we finished the job. Now, 23 raised-bed garden frames are laid out, waiting for delivery of soil and compost. It is, indeed,  starting to look like a garden!

Happy Growing!

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About Jasper Local Food Society

Community-based organization. Our goal is to provide Jasperites with access to land in which to plant and grow their own produce, to increase local food awareness, to decrease the global food footprint while providing opportunities for local growers’ economic sustainability, and to provide residents and visitors with access to locally grown organic food. We try to promote, model, and sustain an environmentally ethical lifestyle in and for our community.

One thought on “Many Hands (and Tools) Make Light Work

  1. Hi there Jasper community gardeners. Just a note to say that the boxes look as if they dry out very quickly so watering them on a regular basis is very important. Smiles Di Ward

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